About David Fung

David Fung has meticulously crafted unique and stylish images for musicians, writers, and artists for over 10 years. Based in the New York area, his work has been featured internationally in magazine and major news publications, including Elle Magazine, the LAist, the LA Times, Marie Claire, Marsilio Editori, Musical America, Musical Toronto, Rolling Stone Italia, and on artist websites and CD albums. 

Originally from Sydney, Australia, David is a internationally renowned concert pianist and director who brings his knowledge and expertise of the arts world to his photographic work.  Described as being "stylish and articulate" in the New York Times, his performances are widely recognized as being elegant, poetic, and natural, which are the same aesthetic sensibilities that define his photography.  He provides design services to individuals and organizations in such areas as websites, CD covers, and posters.

David serves as a consultant for a wide variety of artists and organizations.  He has given workshops and lectures at major conservatories on careers in music and on creating a distinct artist-brand through images and media. 

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Rates are based on the services required. For images, rates will depend on duration of the shoot, number of locations, and number of edited images (basic editing and touch-ups).  All rates include a pre-shoot consultation and production costs, starting at USD$1000.

Additional services: Further post-production editing (specific looks or photographic effects, and significant editing), make-up/stylist, location styling (props), and travel.

Design services: Web design, Album art, Posters, Flyers.  Rates are billed on a per hour basis for design work.

Consulting for individual artists and organizations available.  Please email david@davidfung.com for further information.